Retail and Wholesale POS

Using touch screen technology, POS software (Windows) has been developed for quick and easy in-shop sales and dispatch processing.

Listed below are just some of the features within the "Retail and Wholesale Point-of-Sale" module.


We have been using Ngage CMS for three years to manage retail, online shop, eBay and Amazon. The IOS Warehouse App has streamlined our dispatch process. The integration with our accounting package and logistics providers has significantly reduced the cost per transaction.

Vee Udeshi, V-Sports UK (Owner)

Operates Offline

Ngage POS Operates Offline & Online - Ngage Retail

The Desktop POS will continue to process sales even when an internet connection is unavailable.

The payment process of scanning or entering a product barcode does not require the internet. Cash sales and in some cases credit payments (depending on the PDQ) will continue. The customer leaves the shop satisfied with their purchase.

When the internet services resumes the CMS kicks into action with automatic reconciliation of online and retail sales to reflect correctly the inventory status of all product lines.

Multi-site Inventory Management

One Database Supporting Multiple Retail Outlets.

One of the biggest frustrations of online shoppers is processing an order, only to find out later in the process or following purchase that the line item is currently out of stock or there is insufficient stock.

A "real time" count of inventory is important to retailers who also offer their products for sale online.

All sales made with the Desktop POS (individual or multiple retail outlets) sync instantly with the CMS database once the sale is processed. All online sales sync with the CMS database once a sale is recorded. The only time an accuracy issue will exist is if someone manually overrides an inventory record or the internet service is unavailable.

In the event a retail outlet has no internet service all recorded sales will be automatically reconciled with the CMS database once the internet connection is re-established. 

Shipping and Dispatch

Shipping & Dispatch - Ngage Retail

Ngage CMS provides a complete solution to manage the picking, labelling, manifesting and dispatch of goods.

Integrated with barcode reading technology, Warehouse staff have the option of using our "Warehouse App".

  • Customise the layout and design of your pick slips and dispatch dockets.

  • Offer free shipping.

  • Ngage CMS will process and forward labels and dispatch documentation to your laser thermal printer.

  • Multi-carrier support.

  • Integrate using the API one or more carriers.

  • Our Ngage "Warehouse App" allows your warehouse team to scan barcodes to pick, pack and print labels and delivery dockets using the Warehouse App.

  • All shipping documentation created by Ngage CMS is customisable.

Barcode Scanning and Tracking

iOS Barcode Scanning - Ngage Retail

Integrated barcodes scanning solutions for retail and warehousing business processes.

The integration between the E-Commerce and POS modules are streamlined with the use of scanning technology. Coupled with the Ngage CMS Warehouse app, warehouse staff can receive stock, check/update inventory levels and dispatch products with barcode scanning technology.

In-Shop Sales & Receipt Printing

Ngage Windows Desktop Application

The Ngage Windows Desktop Application Point-of-Sale solution is fully integrated with the Star mPOP™ receipt printer and cash drawer. The Windows Application allows you to:

  • Build an order and process payment
  • Search a product
  • Generate gift vouchers and process payment
  • Process returns
  • Dispatch  

The Star mPOP™ is a combined receipt printer and cash drawer, allowing the user a modern, transportable alternative to the traditional cash register. Ngage CMS is integrated for use with a host of POS Hardware. To better understand the range of products available please visit POS Hardware.

Create branded receipts

Ngagr POS creates branded receipts for all purchases. Each receipt also has a barcode for "returns" or order querying at a later date.

The business name, address and contact details are set in the CMS Settings and displayed on the receipt. The business's logo is simply uploaded to the Desktop settings and again displayed on the receipt.

Typically for marketing purposes a header and footer area can be edited on the receipt to display offers and other key information.

Discount Management

Adding advanced and complicated promotional codes has been simplified with Ngage CMS. Codes can be scheduled for a period of time and also work in conjunction with other promotions if required. Minimum basket quantity or basket total value can also be set before the code is activated. Codes can also be set to auto apply or require a type in code. You can even apply codes to specific web user accounts.

The following code types are available:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Multi Buy Discount
  • Shipping Discount
  • Percentage Discount
  • Fixed Price Discount

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers - Ngage Retail

Generate and Process Gift Vouchers in store with Desktop POS

Gift Vouchers can be generated in store using the Desktop POS. There are three data sets required to be entered; the recipients full name, an email address and the value of the gift voucher. Once this information is entered simply "Save" and "Print". The gift voucher is now recorded in the system. By default a 12-month expiry is placed on the gift voucher, but this can be changed easily in the Settings area.

The actual design of the voucher is something prepared by the developer. 

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