Advertising & Marketing

Listed below are just some of the features of the Ngage CMS "Advertising and Marketing" module.


The Ngage CMS Content App has transformed how we as a club interact with our players, supporters and sponsors. The ability to send push notifications to our supporters with messages from our sponsors has improved the way we are perceived by our sponsors.                          

Travis McKenna, North Sydney CC (Committee)


The SMS functionality allows our club to text message (SMS) our playing members and supports important news, wet weather alerts and occasionally sponsorship messages. 

Travis McKenna North Sydney Cricket Club

Advert Management

Advert Management Tree - Ngage CMS

Create your own 'pay per click' revenue.

Adverts can be placed throughout your website or mobile apps in image format. Each advert can be scheduled and limited to a particular amount of clicks or period of time. Adverts are displayed using a keyword system, which links to your web-pages or mobile apps.

A report displays an overview of the number of impressions and click rate an advert has achieved and also provides a full downloadable report.

The report provides:

  • Number of Impressions in a specific time frame
  • Click Rate
  • Visited pages

Tag Relationships

If an advert has a specific 'tag' and that 'tag' has been assigned to a specific page or mobile app area, then the advert will be displayed. Tags are created by the Web Administrator and a Content Editor would typically assign 'tags' to a content page.

Text / SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging - Ngage CMS

Send Bulk SMS Messaging to drive sales or critical notices.

Ngage CMS allows SMS text messages to be sent to any type of CMS user group, or you can upload custom phone lists via a CSV file upload. 

  • One-Way Messages: Will have a customised message header up to 11 characters. These messages cannot be replied to.
  • Two-Way Messages: Will have a designated reply number and gives receivers the option to respond. All replies will appear within the Ngage CMS system and can be sent to a verified email address.  

Contact Management and Grouping

Contact Management - Ngage CMS

Managing new and old contacts made easy

Within the CMS there are four types of contact classifications, namely:

  • CMS Users - those individuals who can upload content in the CMS
  • Web Users - those individuals who have made purchases or enrolled for an event, or given access to a "members only area".
  • Newsletter Users - those who have requested access to newsletters
  • Grouped Users - these are contacts uploaded by CSV files

Grouped users are contacts that you may wish to introduce to commence a Marketing campaign.

The CSV file will include the individuals first and last names, their mobile number (optional), email address (optional) as well as the group they are being grouped in.

When email or SMS campaigns are undertaken the Marketer can send to an entire group or tag individuals within a group. Using Ngage CMS helps to efficiently contact and communicate to specific users.  

Email Marketing

HTML Email Marketing - Ngage CMS

Produce and send Emails to contacts within your CMS User Group or alternatively a Customised Contact List.

HTML emails can be sent to any type of CMS user group, or alternatively you can upload a custom email list via a simple CSV file upload. All emails are tracked and reports are available with the following:

  • Amount Sent
  • Bounced
  • Opened
  • Clicked

Developers can create editable HTML templates for web editors to populate and then distribute to a specific target group.

Emails are sent through Ngage Software mail servers by default (costs apply). Developers can customise this to use an alternative provider.

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