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Client: VSports Cricket & Hockey Sales


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VSports, a UK Sports retailer has been using Ngage Software products for a number of years, implementing a series of solutions to increase sales revenue as well as reducing the cost to service orders.

Design and build a new E-Commerce website on Ngage CMS platform

  • The CMS “Photo Editor” replaced the old timely process of editing and then uploading images from 3rd party photo editing software.
  • Utilising CSV uploads of their existing product SKU’s provided major time saving.
  • Enhanced customer experience through checkout, reduced “basket drop out” rates.
  • Viewing customised real time inventory and profit reports.
  • Managing email marketing campaigns within the CMS system is a real benefit.

Implement Ngage Software Point-of-Sale System

  • The touch screen Ngage POS solution allows inventory to be maintained, providing online and retail customers with real time stock availability.
  • Shop sales can still be made if the internet connection drops.
  • Orders can be dispatched and returns processed.
  • The integration into our shipping providers like UK Mail, Royal Mail and DHL has vastly speeded up our dispatch process.

Implement Ngage Software Warehouse Scanning Application

  • To enhance productivity in the dispatch and warehouse, the IOS “Warehouse App" using advanced scanning technology was introduced, replacing previous manual operations.
  • The application streamlines the pick and pack orders process as well as replenishing stock deliveries.

Integrate the VSports eBay and Amazon Accounts with Ngage CMSVSports eBay Amazon Sync

  • To broaden their online reach, VSports created accounts with eBay and Amazon.
  • To remove the need to duplicate the uploading and maintenance of stock levels, both online marketplaces were integrated into the Ngage CMS platform.
  • All three online channels (e-commerce store, eBay and Amazon) as well as their retail outlet, are managed within the Ngage CMS platform providing real time stock and sales information, including an auto stock replenish option.
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