Content Mobile and Tablet App

Listed below are just some of the features of the Ngage CMS "Content Mobile and Tablet App" module.


The Ngage CMS Content App has transformed how we as a club interact with our players, supporters and sponsors. The ability to send push notifications to our supporters with messages from our sponsors has improved the way we are perceived by our sponsors.                          

Travis McKenna, North Sydney CC (Committee)

Push Notifications

Push Notifications - Ngage CMS

Send App Notifications to your audience.

A content app is a means of communicating with your audience. Ngage CMS has a feature which allows notification messages to be sent directly to contacts. If there is a critical message or update, then a direct notification is a great way to draw your audience’s attention to it. Notifications can also be linked to actual content on your website.

Advert Management

Advert Management - Ngage CMS

Introduce Adverts to your organisation's Content App.

Adverts can be displayed within your organisation's Ngage CMS Content App. Multiple adverts can be supported. Adverts can be clicked and the user transferred to a specific landing page.  

Deliver Content from Web to App

Web to App Content - Ngage CMS

Engage your audience with an App that compliments your web presence.

Apps are a powerful communication tool and Ngage Software have developed a simple cost effective way for organisations deploying content to their website and App at the same time. 

The customisable Content App is a stand alone solution for organisations that are looking to build a closer relationship with their audience.

Once the App is built and launched in the App store, Content Editors simply need to tag the content they wish to make accessible through the App. The capability to send "push notifications" is a significant marketing feature.

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