Multisite Solution

Client: National Farmers Union (NFU)

Multi website solution for National Farmers

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has some 55,000 members throughout the UK. The NFU "champions British farming and provides professional representation and services to its Farmer and Growers". To engage its thousands of members, the NFU maintains over 15 websites/intranets with upwards of 30,000 items of content. The NFU has over 60 Content Editors using the CMS.

Below is a selection of websites built and managed with Ngage CMS.

Why did the NFU seek to replace a globally recognised CMS with a relatively newcomer, Ngage CMS?

Prior to using Ngage CMS the NFU had been using a costly yet globally recognised licenced CMS solution. The NFU started to explore new CMS options for a number of reasons, namely:

  • An increasingly frustrated internal development team
  • SEO
  • Integration with Social Media platforms
  • Annual license costs

Ngage CMS was selected as the best choice of CMS.

“From a technical perspective Ngage CMS is also easy to use and has been simple to integrate into our existing websites. The editing functionality, widgets and Meta data system make it simple for our Content Editors to add advanced features to pages without requiring our involvement of the Development team. Further, the web controls library is structured in a logical way that meshes well with the way that we build websites which has allowed our team to build a lot of websites very rapidly and to a high standard."

Joe Shearn – Senior Developer (NFU)

"The platform design is intuitive and this reduces the need for specialist IT intervention. Ongoing development work has, and will continue to, improve Ngage CMS. As an editor overseeing staff with a wide range of publisher abilities and computer literacy, I appreciate how easy it is to train contributors to the site and get them producing suitable content."

Tom Sales – Content Editor (NFU)

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