Everything you need to manage your online store all in one place, from creating products to dispatching orders.

Listed below are just some of the features of the Ngage CMS "E-Commerce" module.

National Farmers Union

Technically, Ngage CMS is easy to use, the web controls library is structured in a logical way that meshes well with the way that we build websites, facilitating quick builds. The editor, widgets and meta data system help content editors to add advanced features without requiring a developer input.

Joe Shearn Web Development Manager NFU 


We have been using Ngage CMS for three years to manage retail, online shop, eBay and Amazon. The IOS Warehouse App has streamlined our dispatch process. The integration with our accounting package and logistics providers has significantly reduced the cost per transaction.

Vee Udeshi, V-Sports UK (Owner)

Basket Drop Out

Basket Drop-Out - Ngage CMS

Reducing Basket Drop Out Rates.

During the process of ordering and paying for a purchase online, if for whatever reason the order is not completed, Ngage CMS will save the order data ready for when the customer re-visits the process. There is also an automatic email option that will remind the consumer about the unfinished order attempt.

There are a wide range of reasons why an online shopper might abandon a purchase, ranging from freight costs, time taken or payment method. The email notification option allows you the chance to redeem that sale. The rate of success will depend on the message that is sent and the strength of the value proposition.

Delivery Tracking

Delivery Tracking - Ngage CMS

Allow your customers to track their orders

As part of the dispatch process if your shipping/logistics partner has a "shipping" API then a tracking number must be entered into the CMS. Once this tracking code is entered and saved the customer receives a confirmation email advising the goods have been dispatched. The email includes a tracking URL for them to follow should they wish to track where their parcel is.

Calculate Tax

Calculate Tax - Ngage CMS

Ensuring sales tax is applied appropriately.

Many governments around the world impose a "sales tax" on the purchase of goods and/or services. The level of tax imposed differs with each tax jurisdiction. The "sales tax" is only charged to consumers purchasing goods online if they reside in the same tax jurisdiction as the online business.

The level of taxation is simply set within the CMS Settings area as well as the correct reference examples being Australia's GST or the United Kingdom's VAT.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing - Ngage CMS

Grow your audience.

To reach larger audiences for your content and/or products we have integrated the "Add This" sharing tools. As claimed by the people at Add This..."Sharing buttons help you to increase your audience by engaging with people who are not on your site, as well as distribute content across multiple social networks and platforms helping to drive traffic to your site."

A free account will be required to use this feature that can be created by visiting www.addthis.com. Once your account is registered, you will then have the ability to see who and how often your content has been shared.

Shipping Calculation & Providers

Shipping Providers - Ngage CMS

Provide your customers with “real time” shipping costs

Many shipping companies now have an API that allows Ngage CMS to send data to the provider and return an accurate shipping cost that allows the online customer an opportunity to understand the total costs of their likely purchase. Should an API not exist, a manual process can be entered into the CMS. Some shipping companies will provide a weight/volume cost matrix that can be inputted for each product. As an additional variation the weight/volume cost matrix can be entered per country that is a “ship to”.

Sell through Amazon, ebay

Amazon & ebay Integration - Ngage CMS

There is no duplication of effort with Ngage CMS.

The E-Commerce module is integrated with Amazon and eBay which is especially important today as so many companies sell their products on these two platforms.

With a simple press of a button, products can be posted to your business ebay and/or Amazon account thus requiring no duplication of effort. Any sales registering within the Amazon or Ebay accounts simply post back to Ngage CMS where the sales are recorded and the relevant stock levels automatically adjusted to reflect the sales.

Searching Orders

Order Searching - Ngage CMS

Search "completed" orders quickly

From time to time there is a necessity to search previous/historical orders. Ngage CMS providers users with a number of search criteria:

  • Order number
  • Date Period
  • Post code
  • User Name


Reporting - Ngage CMS

Build customised reports easily

Ngage CMS has a series of default reports as listed below. A developer with SQL knowledge can generate tailored reports, specific to the business requirements. The data from which these reports are created can be extracted from the CMS database and/or an external source such as an Accounting Package. As long as the external package has an API the Developer will be able to create the desired reports.

The Ngage CMS default reports are:

  • Sales Report
  • Profit/Loss Report
  • Content Report
  • Amazon/Ebay Report
  • Marketing Email Report

On-Account Customers

Managing customers with "credit" accounts is easy with Ngage CMS.

If you have customers on an “account” arrangement, the Ngage CMS “Quoting” functionality allows your clients or company representatives the ability to create an order, through to delivery, bypassing the online payment functionality. The quoting functionality ensures retailers and wholesalers can manage their “credit” and “cash only” clientele using the same platform.

Web users can be assigned a discount code that can be assigned to their profile. Each time they log into the website, the discount code will automatically assign the appropriate discount. This can be useful for VIP users or staff entitlement discounts.

Promotion and Discount Codes

Promo Codes - Ngage CMS

Promoting your way to success.

Adding advanced and complicated promotional codes has been simplified with Ngage CMS. Codes can be scheduled for a period of time and also work in conjunction with other promotions if required. Minimum basket quantity or basket total value can also be set before the code is activated. Codes can also be set to auto apply or require a type in code. You can even apply codes to specific web user accounts.

The following code types are available:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Multi Buy Discount
  • Shipping Discount
  • Percentage Discount
  • Fixed Price Discount

Customised Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers - Ngage Retail

Developers can generate customised HTML gift vouchers for use on the Windows POS system.

Once a gift certificate has been generated, the voucher code can either be entered on the checkout page of your website or on the Windows POS system. Generated voucher codes can also be managed within the CMS if required.

Currency Management

Currency Management - Ngage CMS

Sell your products and services across the globe.

Your Web Developer will select a baseline currency based on the country in which your business is located. Customers around the world will see your product or service with the price automatically converted to the local currency.

Accounting Package Integration

Posting sales data to your cloud accounting package.

There are hundreds of cloud based accounting solutions used by medium and small sized businesses many of which can be easily integrated with Ngage CMS

Ngage CMS is currently integrated with Sage, Xero and MYOB

Stock levels can be automatically controlled within Ngage CMS. With each sale, the relevant product stock level will adjust accordingly. All sales generated from either your online store, Retail POS, ebay or Amazon stores will all update the CMS automatically and in turn post sales directly to the accounting package.

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