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As an amateur sporting organisation the club competes each year with other clubs for sponsorship from local businesses. The club's Sponsorship Committee sought to identify ways in which to provide "trackable" exposure for their sponsors. 


With the Ngage Content App, the club's content editor can create content in the CMS and determine what content they wish to push to the app, but more importantly the content editor can push app notifications. App notifications provide the club with the ability to reach its supporter base very affordably with sponsor messaging. Direct communication is highly desired by sponsors seeking to reach a specific audience with a specific message.

The Ngage Content App has provided the club's Committee with an opportunity to support current sponsors and create a more attractive proposition for new sponsors.

Why did the NSDCC select Ngage CMS?

Ngage CMS was the only CMS we found that would allow our club website editors to maintain our website, whilst at the same time push certain content to our new NSDCC mobile application. With the vast majority of our members and supporters using their mobile phones, the opportunity to notify them of key news stories through their mobile phone has proven very effective. Our club, like most amateur organisations requires sponsors to bridge the gap between our expenses and revenue and the app’s notification capability provides us with a new direct marketing application for our sponsors”.

What features of Ngage CMS have you found most beneficial?

“Prior to using Ngage CMS we would have to import photo files into Photoshop and then upload them into the CMS. With the Ngage CMS Photo Editor all we do now is upload the image as supplied, save it into the system, edit and publish. In real terms it saves having to rely on someone with Photoshop experience, and allows someone like myself to publish content quickly”.

Travis McKenna (NSDCC Committee)

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