Ngage VSports Cricket Store Success Story

Ngage Retail & VSports

VSports Cricket Store is a UK based business that utilises Ngage Retail to increase functionality, performance and sales of their entire business.

Before Ngage, VSports had an e-commerce site that was costly to the business due to the lack of functionality. VSports online presence was actually damaging their business and they were losing market share to more competitive, online competitors. VSports began using Ngage Retail to improve their online presence.

By using Ngage Retail, VSports were able to streamline their retail and e-commerce businesses, which reduced the duplication of effort and cost of doing business. With a better e-commerce site, better SEO and content, the online business started to grow, by reaching more customers.

VSports really took off through the Ngage Retail package, which allowed them to seamlessly reach online marketplaces such as Amazon and ebay,  with no significant additional effort or costs. This not only grew the business but increased profits as they could now sell across more online platforms by lodging the products at no extra cost. Furthermore, they now had more available resources, allowing them to focus on other areas of the growing business.

This is one example of the capabilities of Ngage Retail. For VSports, Ngage Retail changed their entire online presence and has helped grow their business.

Ngage Software would love to do the same for your business. Get in contact with us and make the first move to increase your online presence.

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