Precision Golf Success Story

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Precision Golf is the largest indoor Sydney based golf centre in the southern hemisphere, offering extensive golf services and golf supplies. They have been a highly successful business through their retail shop but saw an opportunity to further grow their business to become a competitive player in the online market place. 

Growth Opportunities 

Although Precision Golf already had an existing website and Point of Sale (PoS) system, these systems weren’t integrated. This meant that Precision Golf was spending more money, time and resources managing two separate transaction systems, which was affecting their potential for growth. They were looking for a software solution that would integrate their entire transaction process into the one system to help them achieve online success. 

Ngage Software was able to provide Precision Golf with a highly functional Retail system that integrated their in-store PoS with their online transactions into the one system. This ensured that all stock levels and prices matched across all platforms, and, most importantly, it allowed Precision Golf to grow online without doubling the workload. They are now reaching new domestic and national customers without using additional resources. 

Using Ngage Retail, Precision Golf also has the opportunity to expand into further online market places such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google Shopping under the same integrated system. They are now able to reach even more customers, without additional resources, to help drive their online success. 

Membership Integration

Ngage Retail Membership Integration

Furthermore, Precision Golf worked closely with Ngage Software to introduce a new membership program for their customers. Within the Ngage Retail system, they now have a platform to manage their memberships cards and renewals. This platform provides easy access to member details, membership levels and transaction history, seamlessly incorporating memberships into the transaction process, both in store and online. 

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