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NgageCMS Content Management SystemIntuitive content management and marketing solutions for Content Editors, Web Developers, Web Agencies, Retailers and E-Commerce enthusiasts.

Dedicated to improving the productivity of website development, content management and point of sale solutions.


Every organisation has different requirements. Ngage Content Management System

has a wide range of 'out of the box' functionality, including a library of pre-built controls

and an extensive API to help you further customise your solutions.


eSHOP is our Shopping Cart Software.

  • Dispatch Processing with tracking
  • Promotional & Discount Codes
  • Inventory Management
  • Post inventory to eBay and Amazon
  • Integrated with major accounting packages

Retail & Wholesale Point-of-Sale

ePOS ‚Äčintegrates your retail or B2B sales channels.

  • Touch screen desktop application
  • Product sales, returns, dispatch and product querying
  • Integrated scanning technology
  • Scalable for single or multiple outlets 

Website Content Management

NgageCMS is a powerful content editor.

  • Editing images has been made easy with the integrated advanced Image Editor.
  • Manages SEO issues like duplicate content and obsolete URLs.
  • Publishing content problem free to multiple locations.
  • Multisite management.

Mobile Content Apps

The Ngage Content App is fully integrated with NgageCMS.

  • Customisable mobile and tablet App
  • Push content and notifications
  • Advert management through Marketing module


Complete Marketing Module 

  • Create customised HTML email templates
  • Create segmented mailing lists
  • Analytics Reports
  • Simple CSV upload of contact data
  • Send bulk Email or SMS

API & Control Library

  • An extensive range of server controls have been developed with our WCF API. 
  • All controls are built to the W3C standards using bootstrap CSS, and are compatible with ASP.Net Forms or MVC development.
  • For more advanced development the API is a set of server side cached methods which helps to improve website load speed.
  • Our API can be utilised in any Ngage Visual Studio project.

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